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 * Russia  In  Prophecy  *
  The  King of  the North
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   A  Hibernating  Bear  !
...Gog, The Land of Magog ...  
The   Prince   o  Rosh !


End  Times & Russia?
...Bible  prophecy  is  clear  on  who
will  attack  Israel  in  the  last  days,  in
the  infamous  battle  of  Armageddon...
...There  are  4  major  regional  powers
who  are  mentioned  in  bible  prophecy...
They  will  attempt  to  conquer  Jerusalem
&  in the process  the  whole  oil  rich
Middle  East  region...Although  Armageddon
is  primarily  and  foremost  a  supernatural
war  were  Satan  attempts  to  annihilate
the  Hebrews  from  the  face  of  the  earth
once  and  for  all...It  is  also  a  war
that  G-D  "ALLOWS"  to  take  place
( Zechariah  12there  is  no  doubt  that  it  is
also  a  war  about  global  dominance,
conquest  &  greed  (Oil, oil  and  oil )...
...After  all  Russia  and  the  King's  of  the
East  ( China & friends )  do  not  believe  in
bible  prophecy  to  them  it's  just
Hebrew  propaganda  and  superstition...
...But  in  reality  all  such  future  enemies
of  Israel  are  merely  being  led  astray  by
HE  who  deceives  the  whole  world,
Satan...The  fallen  &  disgraced  unemployed
angel...HE  has  failed  to  destroy  the  Jews
on  too  many  ocassions  &  failed...His
former  star  pupils  such  as:  Hitler, Russia
(pogramsPharaoh, the  unholy  Popes  &  their
"unholy  inquisitions"  ( just to name a few* )
Such  stooges  never  really  accomplished
what  Satan  had  in  mind.( but they got awfully close )
...Armageddon  is  one  of  Satan's  last
attempts  to  aggressively  address  G-D's
chosen  people  &  nation  from  the  face
of  this  Universe...This  time  ( in Armageddon )
he  takes  no  chances  and  brings  all  the
nations  against  Israel,  and  you  better
believe  that  Israel  is  not  going  down
without  a  good  nuclear  exchange  against
her  many  enemies, so  hints  bible
prophecy...Let  us  remember  what
Samson  did  to  the  enemy; only  this
time  Samson  ( Israel-figuratively speaking ! )
has  over  200+  nuclear  devices  &
counting...Israel  sincerely  HOPES
that  it  will  never  be  forced  to  use
them  against  anyone... 

Russia  & An  Arab-
Islamic  Alliance  !!!
...Bible Prophecy  Foretells  A  Great
Battle That Has  Yet  To  Take  Place...
This  Battle  Will Not  Be  Armageddon,
But  Many  Students of Bible  Prophecy
Do  Agree That  it Could Be One of The
Beginning Battles That Will Lead  Up
To  the  Infamous  Prophesied  Battle
of  Armageddon...Just  Like  In  WWII,
WWII  Had  Many  Stages, and Certain
Nations  Were  Eveloped  In  It  In 
Different  Years, Nevertheless WWII
Did  Have  A  Culmination  In  Japan,
the Entire  World It Seemed  Held  Its'
Breath  As  the Atomic Bombs Were
Dropped on Hiroshima & Nagasaki...
According to Bible  Prophecy, Russia
& A Large Alliance of Islamic Nation's
Shall Attack  Israel  In The  Very Near
Future...Many of Us Believe that it will
Be  After  the Establishment of A
Palestinian State, Perhaps... 



  Nuclear  Russia  !!!
...Did you Know that Russia "Still"  Has
More  Nuclear Weaponry  Than  Even
the United States ?...Well,Now You Know!
...Bible Prophecies Found in the Book of
Revelation "Do" Mention the Coming
Use  of  Nuclear Weapons, on  At  Least
4 -6  Occassions...Weapons Are Created
to Be Used, &  "Unfortunately"  the Nuclear
Arsenal  of  Russia  "Will  Be  Used"...
..."Although"  it  appears  that  Russia
wants  to  disarm, it  is  no  secret  that
Russia  continues  to  create  &  produce
some  of the  latest  military  technology
in  the  world...Despite  the  billions  of
dollars  that  both  the  U.S.A  &  the
European  Union  have  appropiated
for   the  "destruction"  of  some  of  Russia's
aging   nuclear  stockpile, it  is  no  secret
that  too much  of  the  Western  $$$  aid
that  is  funneled  to  Moscow  ends  up
being  used  for   the   research &
the  development  of  weapons  of  mass
destruction  and  for  the  introduction
of   newer  military  technologies  that
can  undermine  these  United  States
in  the  future...


Russia &  The  PRC
...Russia to some degree continues to maintain
closer ties with Asian & Arab Nation's than
with  the West...It Is  Prophesied that
Eventually Even the "King's of the East"
Led by China  Shall  attack the State  of
Israel  In  A  Future War...China  Is  Russia's
Biggest Military Customer...China  Has
the  Money $$$  &  Russia has  Some  of 
the  Most  Sophisticated  Weaponry  Ever
Developed...It  is  prophesied  that
Russia  and  an Arab-Islamic alliance
shall  attack  the  State  of  Israel
some  3  years  before  China  &  allies
will  themselves...The  Russian  attack
against  the  State  of  Israel  shall
commence  the  dreaded  Battle  of
Armageddon...In  fact  the  Russian
attack  shall be  the  first  phase  of  the
Battle  of  Armageddon, after  Russia
fails  to  conquer  Jerusalem,  it  is
prophesied  that  the  next  military
power  that  will  come  against 
the  State  of  Israel  shall be  the European
Union's  military  forces, either  under
the banner  of  NATO  or  the  WEF
Western European Forces...

President Vladimir Putin raises a glass at a Kremlin ceremony where he accepted diplomatic credentials in Moscow, Wednesday, April, 16, 2003. Putin said Wednesday that the United Nations should play a key role in resolving regional conflicts, economic crises and the problems of international terrorism and extremism. (AP Photo/Misha Japaridze)
Russia's True Colors!
...If  we  learn  anything  from  Russian
history  it  is  that  Russia  has  always
been  independent  from  the  West...
...Russia  has  never  been  democratic
and  very  possibly  perhaps  never will
truly  be...Although it appears  that  Russia
is  democratic  it  is  not  a secret  by  now
that  it  was  Yeltsin  who  handpicked
Putin,  because  Alexander  Lebed  was
"Not"  Yeltsin's  favorite...Bible  prophecy
hints  that  in  the  end, Russia  the  King  of
the  North  will end  up  uniting  itself  with
an  Arab-Islamic  alliance  in  order  to
try  and  address the  Israeli  dilemma  once
and  for  all...Yes,  you  better  believe  that
Russia  has  its  own  plans  for  the  Middle
East,  and  I  wouldn't  be  surprised  that  such
an  alliance  to  Moscow  is  a  pure  convenience...
...I  wouldn't  be  surprised  if  Moscow  tells
the  West, when  it  heads  against  Israel  that
it  is  going  to  the  region   to  "  Liberate  the
Palestinian  People"  from  the  "Cruel"  IDF...


Warning:  The  Sad  Truth  &
Reality of  Our  Times  Is  The  Fact  That
As  You  Read  The  Content  On  This
Web-Site,  Literally  Hundreds  of  Thousands
of  Guns, Bombs  &  WMD  ( in all  shapes  &
sizes )  are  Being  Bought  &  Sold
All  Over  The World  24/7...Both  As
Military  Aid  &  In  The  International
Black  Market...( On A  Daily  Basis ) With
Each  Day  As  Such,  Armageddon  Is
Getting  Closer...Men  Are  Willingly
Arming  Themselves  Up  To  Their  Teeth
For  Such  A  War...I  Wish  I  Could  Tell
You That  Bible  Prophecy  Proclaims That
Men  Will  Create  A  Utopia  In  the  Near
Future, But  The  Fact  Is  That  Bible
Prophecy  Foretells  That  Things  Will  Get
Worse  Before  They  Get  Any  Better...

French President Jacques Chirac, left, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, center,  listen as German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder speaks  during a seminar on international law in St. Petersburg University, Russia, on Saturday, April 12, 2003.  The three leaders visited St. Petersburg for a tri-lateral summit which was focused on the postwar restoration of Iraq. (AP Photo/Misha Japaridze)
With Friend's Like These...
   The  3  Stooges ???
...Once  upon  a  time  not  too  long  ago  in
fact,  there  where  3  powers  in  Europe  that
were  constantly  at  each  other's  throats...
Germany  killed  millions  of  Russian's
and  Russia  killed  and  occupied  part
of  Germany  in  retribution...And  France
once  had  Napoleon, but  lately  France
has  been  giving  up  too  easily...And  now
these  3  powers  seem  to  have  found
something  in  common, they  all  secretely
despise  the  U.S.A. 

   Russia  In  Bible  Prophecy     
Bible  Prophecy  Indicates  That  Russia  &
A  Large  Arab  Confedaration of  Nation's
Shall  Launch  A  Large  Scale  Military
Assault  Against  Israel  In  The  Not  Too
Distant  Future...Those  of  Us  Who  Have
Studied  Bible  Prophecy  Very  Strongly
Believe  That  The  Russian  Led  Attack
Shall  Occur  Before  The  Rise  of  The
Anti-Christ  &  Before  The  Last  7  Years
of  Human  Governments...The  Prophecy
Concerning  Such  A  Future  War  Is  So
Precise, Direct  and  Blunt  That  It  Even
Mentions  The  Outcome, Russia  Shall
Lose  Most  of  Its  Troops, Only  "One Fifth"
Shall  Return  To  Mother  Russia...Israel
Will  Bury  The  Slained  Russian-Arab
Troops  For  7  Months...


   The  Bear  Still  Has  Claws !!!
Beware: This Bear Was Never Declawed !!!
...The  Fall  of  "The  Evil  Empire"  In 1991
Seemed  To  Have  Brought  The  World
Some  Sigh  of  Relief At  Least Temporarily.
Too  Many  of  Us  Assumed  That  The  End
of  The  Cold  War  Would  Now  Allow  Peace
To  Prevail  Upon  The  World  As  Never
Before...What  A Fallacy That  Turned  Out
To  Be !!!  Amazingly  A  Decade  Later
These  United  States  Were  Attacked  By
A  Small  Group  of  Organized  Terrorists
Who  Somehow  Managed  To  Inflict  On
America  What  The  Former  Soviet  Union
Never  Dared  To  Do  To  Us...


..."Feeding  The  Beasts  That
     Will   Turn  Against  Us..."
The  Bear  &  The  Dragon.........
...Since  The  Fall  &  Dissolution  of  The
Former  Soviet  Union  In  1991, The  U.S.
&  The  European  Union  Have  Attempted
To  Win  Over  The  Kremlin  Via  Billions
of  Dollars  In  Economic  Aid  &  Loans...
The  U.S. In  An  Effort  To  "befriend" &
win   over  Moscow...According  to  Bible
prophecy,  Russia   has  its'  own  agenda
and is  by  no  manner  a  friend  of  the
West  nor  a   "benign"  military  power...
...The  prophet  Ezequiel  confirms  that
the  Northern  most  nation  from  Jerusalem
will  one  day  seek  to  conquer  Israel
with  an  Arab  alliance  at  its'  side...
...Today, thanks to archeological  discoveries
and   geographic  maps  we  now  know
that  the  Norther  enemy  of  Israel  is
and  will  be  Russia...



The opening session of the 16th Chinese Communist Party Congress 8 Nov 2002 at the Great Hall of the People (AP photo)
Whose  Side  Is  Russia  On ???
...What  Is  Troubling  About  Russia, Is  The
Fact  That   While  It  Proclaims  That  It
Is  Attempting  To  Improve  &  Align  Its
Political  Relationship  With  Western
Powers  It  Is  At  The  Same Time Massively
Helping  Red  China  To  Arm  Itself  Up
To  Its  Teeth;  With Virtually All  of  Russia's
Most  Sophisticated  Military  Technology...
...It  is  "No"  secret  by  now  that  Beijing
is  Russia's  biggest  military  customer, but
what  is  even  more  alarming  is  the  fact
that  Moscow  is  one  of  the  chief  sellers
of  WMD  to  most  of  the  middle  eastern
countries  who  not  only  despise  the  State
of  Israel,  but  also  America...So  whose
side  is  Russia  really  on ???  Follow  the
money  trail, Russia  didn't  want  the
U.S.A  to  attack   Iraq  because  Saddam
owes  them  too  many  billions  of  dollars
that  may  not  be  paid  back  if  Saddam
is  booted  out  of  power...


*** Russia's  Military  Future ***

In  The  Name of  Greed !

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